Le site Rappel Conso a lancé une nouvelle alerte concernant un produit en vente en France. Cette fois il s’agit de 372949 BARBECUE BOULE CHARBON FISHER LOT NOVEMBRE 2023 UNIQUEMENT

Par Rappel Produit Publié le 11 juin 2024 à 12h38
Rappel Produit 372949 Barbecue Boule Charbon Fisher Lot Novembre 2023 Uniquement

Urgent Recall Notice: MARQUE G Charcoal Barbecue Poses Fire and Burn Hazards

Consumers are being urgently warned of a significant recall concerning the "MARQUE G Barbecue Boule Charbon Fisher" due to substantial fire and burn risks. This notice aims to inform purchasers about the danger posed by this product and the immediate actions recommended.

Identifying the Affected Product

The product in question is the "372949 Barbecue Boule Charbon Fisher" from the November 2023 lot, exclusive to this timeframe, distributed under the brand MARQUE G. Identified by GTIN 3491953729495, this charcoal barbecue is notable for its round black pit and lid, supported by four legs, two of which are wheeled for mobility. Packaged in a distinctive brown box featuring the product image against a white and red background, it has been available for purchase between February 1, 2024, and March 11, 2024, exclusively throughout France via GIFI distributors.

Risk Description and Urgency

This recall has been initiated due to a discovered risk of fire and burns associated with the use of the recalled barbecue models. Consumers are at risk of external injuries and incidents of fire, posing a significant hazard to users and their surroundings. As a result, the DGCCRF mandates an immediate halt to the use of this product.

Recommended Action for Consumers

Individuals who have purchased the affected product are strongly advised to stop its use immediately and return it to the point of purchase. The designated contact number for this recall is 0553405454, where further instructions and support for reimbursement are available. The recall procedure will remain active until July 21, 2024, granting consumers ample time to secure their refunds.

Table Summary of Recall Information

Product Name GTIN Lot Sale Dates Risk Actions for Consumers
MARQUE G Barbecue Boule Charbon Fisher 3491953729495 November 2023 01/02/2024 to 11/03/2024 Fire and Burn Stop use, return, refund

Consumers are encouraged to remain vigilant and promptly act upon this recall to prevent any potential harm. For more details on this and other product recalls, visit https://rappel.conso.gouv.fr/.

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