Rappel Produit Tisane dodo

Le site Rappel Conso a lancé une nouvelle alerte concernant un produit en vente en France. Cette fois il s’agit de Tisane dodo

Par Rappel Produit Publié le 1 juillet 2024 à 16h16
Rappel Produit Tisane Dodo

Important Product Recall: Tisane Dodo by Herboristerie Moderne Moreau Due to Toxic Contamination

The Direction Générale de la Concurrence, de la Consommation et de la Répression des Fraudes (DGCCRF) has issued an urgent recall notice for Tisane Dodo, a product of Herboristerie Moderne Moreau, due to the presence of toxic contaminants - specifically, tropane alkaloids including datura. This recall follows the discovery of a serious health risk to consumers.

Identified Risks

Consumption of the affected batches of Tisane Dodo poses a significant health risk due to contamination with tropane alkaloids, substances known for their potentially dangerous psychoactive effects. Exposure to these alkaloids can lead to symptoms including but not limited to dry mouth, dilated pupils, vision problems, rapid heartbeat, agitation, confusion, spatiotemporal disorientation, hallucinations, and incoherent speech.

Product Recall Details

Only specific lots of the product are implicated in this recall, with the following identifiers:

Product Name Brand Model or Reference Lot Numbers Minimum Durability Dates
Tisane Dodo Herboristerie Moderne Moreau Tisane dodo 240157, 240234 31/01/2027, 28/02/2027

The affected products were available for sale between 29/02/2024 and 25/06/2024 across France. The recall notice stresses that these products should no longer be consumed or used, and consumers are advised to contact the retail point of purchase for guidance and potential compensation.

Actions to Take

Consumers who have purchased any of the identified lots of Tisane Dodo are urged to:

  • Immediately discontinue use of the product.
  • Contact their point of purchase directly for further instruction.
  • Consult a healthcare provider if they experience any of the aforementioned symptoms.

Contact information for those affected by this recall has been made available at 0468512302, providing a direct line to address concerns and seek additional information about compensation.


This recall highlights the importance of vigilance regarding food and health product safety. Herboristerie Moderne Moreau, in coordination with French authorities, is actively working to mitigate risks and ensure the safety of all consumers by removing the impacted products from circulation. For the latest updates on this recall and information on product safety, consumers are encouraged to visit the official product recall website at https://rappel.conso.gouv.fr/.

For further assistance or to report other related health concerns, please reach out to the provided contact number or consult your healthcare provider.

The recall procedure is set to end on 02/09/2024, ensuring ample time for all affected parties to take necessary actions and receive appropriate compensation.

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