Le site Rappel Conso a lancé une nouvelle alerte concernant un produit en vente en France. Cette fois il s’agit de CANTAL ENTRE DEUX AOP 1/4 MEULE et 1/8 MEULE (VENDU AU RAYON COUPE)

Par Rappel Produit Publié le 5 juillet 2024 à 15h27
Rappel Produit Cantal Entre Deux Aop 1/4 Meule Et 1/8 Meule (vendu Au Rayon Coupe)

Important Product Recall: "Nos Régions Ont du Talent" Cantal Cheese

The DGCCRF has recently issued a recall for "Nos Régions Ont du Talent" Cantal Entre Deux AOP cheese due to the detected presence of E. coli O26. This recall affects a variety of lot numbers and applies to both the 1/4 and 1/8 wheel sizes sold at the cut counter. For those who have purchased this product, immediate action is advised to ensure health and safety.

Risks Involved

Consumption of products containing Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli (STEC) O26 can lead to serious health implications. Within a week of consuming the contaminated product, individuals may experience symptoms such as bloody diarrhea, abdominal pain, vomiting, and sometimes fever. Although these symptoms can be severe, it is noteworthy that 5 to 8% of these cases can lead to acute kidney complications, primarily affecting children.

Who Is Most At Risk?

While anyone can be affected by E. coli O26, certain groups are more susceptible to severe outcomes. This includes young children, the elderly, immunocompromised individuals, and pregnant women. As a precaution, all consumers, especially those within these sensitive groups, are advised against consuming raw or undercooked meat products, raw milk and raw milk cheeses, and inadequately cooked flour-based foods.

Recommended Action

Customers who have purchased this product are urged to stop consuming it immediately. The affected product should be returned to the point of sale for a refund. Additionally, individuals who have consumed the recalled cheese and are experiencing symptoms of E. coli infection should seek medical advice promptly, mentioning the consumption of the product along with the place and date of purchase.

Product Recall Details

Product Name Nos Régions Ont du Talent Cantal Entre Deux AOP
Lot Numbers 15531574, 15631574, 15731574, 15831574
Best Before Dates 09/07/2024 to 12/07/2024
Date of Sale 06/06/2024 to 04/07/2024
Distributor E.LECLERC
Storage Instructions Keep refrigerated
Geographical Sale Zone France
Contact Number 0800874187
Compensation Refund
Recall Procedure End Date 22/07/2024
Website for More Information https://rappel.conso.gouv.fr/

The DGCCRF advises taking these recall alerts seriously and following the recommended preventive measures to ensure the safety of consumers. For further inquiries or information about this recall, please contact the number provided or visit the official product recall website.

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